RNA Puzzles
RNApuzzles is a collective experiment for blind RNA structure prediction.

The goals of RNAPuzzles are:
  • To assess the cutting edge of RNA structure prediction techniques;
  • To compare existing methods and tools;
  • To evaluating the current prediction methodologues their relative strengths, weaknesses, and limitations.

    We hope to encourage the RNA structure prediction community in their efforts to improve models, techiques and tools for automatic RNA three-dimensional structure prediction.

    Check the Open Challenges to see the currently open prediction challenges and how to participate.

    Check the Past Challenges to see the precious prediction challenges and the respective results.


  • We hope more crystallgraphers could help us in providing more crystal or NMR structures. Any kind of RNA related structure information is encouraged. Anyone who may have a RNA structure please contact Eirc : e.westhof[AT]ibmc-cnrs.unistra.fr

  • We promise to keep all the information confidential until the RNA structure is published. In order to participate in this RNA puzzles challenge please send the following statement to e.westhof[AT]ibmc-cnrs.unistra.fr:
    "I will use the provided sequence data for prediction purposes only. I will not distribute the sequences in any form outside my working group."

  • We encourage more predictors who are interested in RNA structure prediction to take part in this compitition to push forward the field. Anyone who is interested please send email to e.westhof[AT]ibmc-cnrs.unistra.fr

  • It is strongly recommanded that all the predictions formatted in standard PDB format. So that all the modellers could have a fair comparison without considering the file format and prediction region. We provide a python script here for generating standard PDB format files, only the coordinates need to be replaced by the predictors. RNA chains should be named in alphabetical order. e.g. A for the first chain, B for the second chain.

  • Up to ten prediction models could be predicted as the final results of one problem for each group. It is also recommended to submit ten models.

  • For a submission, please format the pdb file names as [Labname]_[ProblemNo.]_[ModelRank].pdb. e.g. Mylab_Problem6_Rank1.pdb. And Please compress all your predictions as a tar package. named as [Labname]_[ProblemNo.].tar.gz, e.g. Mylab_Problem7.tar.gz.